Did you know that we service the military? Are you in the Army, Navy, Air Force or the Marines, if so, thank you for your dedication and services!

So many men and women in the military are stationed near from home and they miss their favorite goodies and treats. Savin Exporting can help! We offer a customized personal shopping speciality for you and it is as easy to do as snapping your fingers! Being away from home is difficult.You miss our favorite things. You miss the smell of our candles burning, or or shower gel smelling of cucumber melon, Happiness, Energy or to sooth you at night Lavender and vanilla pillow spray. You miss your body lotions and our fragrance mists. Some miss finding new books to read, or magazines to read. Some people would do anything to take a giant bite out of an Oreo cookie ad then dip it in a glass of milk.

Our business is to an extent tailor-made as you might say because we manifest goods from the USA and we ship global daily to over 70 countries around the globe. We welcome you to tell a friend and to send us a request. Our business caters to you, any time, any where as long as global shipping is provided to your neck of the woods. Let us allow you to feel closer to home with a box filled with your most missed products.