This is the 21st century and honestly things just don’t seem to have changed from the time I was younger. Back in the day, we had clicks in school where a group of people thought that they ruled the world, or at least the going ons during class time, cheerleading,etc. Some people hated this so much that they could not wait to get out of school and be rid of these obnoxious people who after school no one would probably remember anyway.

Onward a few years later and now there are clicks at the work place. No one wants to go to work everyday and deal with ‘those people’ that think they are the queen bees of the office. I was so disturbed by all of this that it was physically exhausting. Is this what life is all about? You see I was that girl that had best friends that were over weight, I was friends with people with disabilities, and friends with those who were not welcome in any activities and those of the clicks, and that was ok with me, I didn’t need nor want the drama. At the end of the day, I was happy to be friends with these people and be and rid of these pathetic people who thought what they said went. With all this being said, it didn’t really take too long before I decided once and for all to start my own business. I was tired of the back stabbing and being thrown under the bus by coworkers whom I thought were my friends.

Moving forward, It’s 2017 and I own Savin Exporting. I have been selling to clients for a long time. I have loyal customers that shop with me continuously and yet there are a few people that want to make things miserable. Just the other day I learned that one of the biggest clicks are adults and they run the Bath & Body Works UK Fans  Facebook page. It appears there are a handful of people along with the admin team that want to run candle-land and watch out if you step up to confront someone. What happens? They give you the boot…bye-bye you are no longer a member. Not only do they block you, but they remove anything else that anyone write about you. Really girls, is that necessary?

How do I know this? Well, it all started when I confronted someone who is a member and also in cahoots with the admin team on a Bath & Body Works UK page and apparently has been trying for months to steal my clients. You see, I have learned over the past several months that she’s been a thorn in a lot of peoples sides. She privately sends messages to other members telling them lies about buying merchandise from other sellers, or she will lie to sellers trying to scare them off thinking that something they are doing may get them in trouble.  For the attention of this evil person, stop trying to undercut everyone else, this is not business.  STOP trying to take my clients right out from under me.  In the end, It appears that they did not like my choice of words so the removed me from their page. Was this fair? No, but what is one to do when these people make all the rules? They can block me but they can’t stop me. You tried Vickie, Hayley and Lisa, but you did not succeed because at the end of the day, clients want honesty and integrity. They want more than just a lower price, they want someone that they can always trust long term, and my clients are like family.

What makes matters worse is that people are reaching out to a lot of may clients on this BBW UK Fans Page on FB and they are removing their posts now and bombarding them with messages to STOP writing about me because they have removed me. To you hateful woman on the admin team of this page..get a life. I am sorry that I am such a threat to you and obviously more well liked, get over it and stop acting like children.

Am I bothered? Yes, but more than anything here is that not only have I met so many wonderful people around the globe on this site,  I also gained many new clients. I’ve made friends worldwide on this page and I now cannot comment on their posts or see anything whatsoever on the page. Poof, I’m gone. Just like that…and just like J-Z’s song “Izzo,” for me it was…’Poof, vamoose,… son of a bitch!’

My question is who are these people to make the rules and judge? Why can they decide if they will allow you into their group and who gets dismissed? Do these folk have so much time on their hands that they are simply glued to this page and  feel the need to scrutinize everything you do or say, or are they impartial to members feelings so much so that they toss blame on someone just for shits and giggles? Perhaps ya’ll should change the name of your page to Bath & Body Works, Candy, and anything else only we approve UK Fans.

To be honest with you I am utterly disgusted by the actions of you, the admin and a few of the members of this UK Bath & Body Works Fans UK Facebook page. Shame on all of you!  I guess you all are the click and I am the outsider…they liked me and hated me all at the same time. In all fairness, I feel like I am the Lindsey Lohan of their Mean Girls group who really can’t figure out what I did to them other than be honest. Sad, because all I wanted to do was be part of this group and buy products for them from the USA at really discounted prices.