Just a quick blog to tell everyone about the SAS coming soon! There are so many Bath & Body Works lovers out there both men and women who mark their calendars for this sale. BBW sells everything… but oh there are candle addicts whose primary focus is to stalk up on these products while they are one sale,… but you have to hurry or they’ll be gone in a snap. 

Another thing to remember is that these sales change often during the SAS so keep checking in with your favorite Bath and Body Works store near you or get on their website as you’ll discover oodles of fabulous merchandise to stock your shelves with at home or the office. 

They don’t just sell candles, but there are candle lovers around the globe that love the 3 wick jars. Labels change on these jars which makes it even more exciting to shop for them. They sell candles, candle holders, pocketbacs, hand sanitizers and holders. They offer so many body moisturizers. Sore feet or dry heels? There are great products for your heels and feet (personally I LOVE these!) There are creams and lotions to use from your head to your toes.

Let us not forget the hands….Everyone loves Bath & Body Works hand soaps, do they not? Their fresh scents contain all of the finest ingredients, when you wash your hands they offer a clean feeling. These fabulous soaps simply don’t get much better than that! From gentle foaming hand soaps to creamy deluxe or my favorite the super-rich exfoliating there is something that everyone will love so don’t waste time, go select your fragrances and if you are new to Bath and Body Works, then by all means go check them out. Don’t forget that these soaps all contain aloe and Vitamin D which is great for nourishing your skin. It is soothing and zesty and you’ll just love it.

So lets all count the days until we can dash through those doors or we start tapping on our keyboards to shop, shop, shop! Remember, shop wisely, if you don’t need it, don’t get it, and if you use it stock up on it big time! Now is the time to try new things as there will be retired scents that they will bring back for a short period.

Not in the USA? No problem. Savin Exporting is the solution. We offer personal shopper skills to help you select all of your favorites and we ship worldwide to over 200 countries!

Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Summer Sale starts June 10