Meet Shelly Savin. Shelly is the owner of Savin Exporting. She has been a small business owner since 2004 when she launched an online travel store. In August 2010 Shelly designed and launched an online store selling women’s intimate apparel, women’s loungewear, women’s sleepwear, lingerie and called it called Simply Delicious Lingerie. Today it’s called Simply Delicious Fashion and it consists of selling women’s intimate apparel.

Shelly wanted to find another way to please her customers, especially those who live around the globe that sought out merchandise from the United States. Many items cannot be found abroad and our clients were unable to purchase  themselves. This happens when people move abroad, or when the are in the military and are stationed outside of the USA and are not at liberty to purchase their favorite goodies and products that are were accustomed to while living in the states. Some people that live overseas just want to buy specific American goods but have no way to do so. That’s where we come in and Savin Exporting was born. Shelly specializes in finding customers the best cost to ship products internationally. This is a great way to ship for American goods if you live outside of the United States.

Savin Exporting was born when a customer of Shelly’s in Perth Australia who bought bridal corsets for her small boutique learned that Shelly was going to a local Yankee Candle store for a sale. The business all began when Shelly made a purchase of a candle for someone else rather than herself and word caught on. Her client told her sister in Switzerland who then told their cousins in Austria and so this business took off and expanded shopping for women globally. Who knew that buying her friend/client abroad a $25 candle would turn into an affordable shipping company that ships to over 70 countries and has over 50 affiliates that she ships through? This business that has excelled extremely in growth and we couldn’t be more pleased. Word of mouth certainly was in Shelly’s favor and her personality makes it so relaxed working with her.

Shelly takes a great deal of pride in both of her daily business functions as well as with each and every individual client that she services. She treats them like family indeed and she makes sure that their packages are wrapped with the best of care to prevent breakage and damages during their travels. Word of mouth amongst friends is really how this business has grown over the years. Shelly also has a dear friend and client name Maura who designed a Savin Exporting Group page on FB which many of our clients participate in offering comments, ideas, suggestions, opinions, and we share the coupons we find as well for awesome sales that are going on at various stores! It is a really fun group page to be on and to share on! Maura assists Shelly and leads new clients to us to try out our shipping services and we are so very grateful. Join us won’t you? We appreciate you and all that you do for Savin Exporting. Thank you Maura! 

Our busiest time of year is always around holidays but also during semi-annual sales. Customers love to shop for deals at Bath & Body Works, Bed Bath and Beyond,  Ulta, Goose Creek Candle, Target, Walmart, Kringle Candle and Yankee Candle just to name a few, nevertheless, we shop for clients at a variety of stores online in the USA. We hand select your items as if we were shopping for ourselves and we take pride in packaging so that nothing arrives damaged. We also highly recommend several of our small business owners/vendor affiliates who make homemade oils and melts. These are fabulous!

Thank you everyone for shopping with us and for referring family and friends! We value our friendships and appreciate your business with our affordable global shipping services. We make worldwide shipping easy! We love our clients!

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