Why is it that I live here in the united States, yet my clients all around the globe find out about the sales at BBW, Goose Creek and Yankee Candle before I do? They are candle crazy! I used to always take great pride and I still do in knowing all of  the sales before they were posted and I’d like to think that I still do, nevertheless, there is one that I didn’t know what it was all about and therefore I found myself asking several of my clients abroad to explain to me why the need to wait for this sale?

What is candle day? Everyone was waiting for this occasion to buy 3 wick candles from bath and body works. With so many styled jars, and fragrances to choose from you can spend all day on their websites just gazing into the store placing items in your cart and then taking them out of your cart when you find something else that tickles your fancy.

Most all of the candle companies out there in cyber space offer sales especially during holiday seasons. With holidays also come scented candles that change with the seasons. I don’t know about you but i look forward to each new season as I know that I have a stash of new wax that I am going to burn to make my house smell fantastic for hours. Limit 15 for $8.95 each! WOWZA!

Whether you choose to buy one candle or a dozen candles, do your homework. Read reviews on the candle(s) from others to see what they liked or disliked bout it. What is the burn time? Why does my candle tunnel and how can I prevent this from happening? What are the notes in each jar? Find out the strength of the aroma, and if you are allergic to any ingredients or there are some  fragrances that don’t sit well with you stay away from those and lean more toward those that you do fancy.

Do you live somewhere and you are not able to purchase candles from the USA stores? Reach out to us and let us be your personal shoppers that will buy, wrap and ship your goodies abroad just for you at a great cost.

December 2, 2017 is the big day! CANDLE DAY is almost here! Sale starts at midnight online and in stores on Saturday December 2 all day. What are you waiting for? Lets shop for wax!