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We built our business on stron ethics, morals and values. We grew by referrals based on your needs. Word of mouth is our best advertisement!We specialize in speedy shipping!

*Once your order is received to our office, we guarantee it will be sent within 24-48 business hours of your paid invoice. If you purchase goods from a buyer, please know that your product will be shipped within this time frame upon your buyer paying their invoice.

We offer a personal service allowing you to shop at any of your favorite American stores online. We can also do personal shopping for clients when they are not able to check out themselves at any American stores. When you set up a free account we’ll hold your items and send out one package, not multiple smaller shipments that can cost you a lot of money over time.We have the ability to offer you a diversity of shipping options to choose from because we realize that a lot of people are on shoestring budgets and we all want to save money!

Our business has grown so much over the years that now most often we have a wait list so do email us at to add your name to the list and we will notify you when a spot has opened.We would love for you to shop and use our services so don’t delay! 

Inexpensive Worldwide Shipping

Savin Exporting| Cheap| Affordable| International Shipping Service

What Savin Exporting Does

Savin Exporting is actively becoming a leader in the exporting business.
We offer a low cost affordable shipping measure to send your packages. We offer you a USA shipping address so that you can shop any any stores online and send your items to us to hold. We repackage them when you are ready to send abroad, give you the best price quotes including customs duties, and taxes and then we ship them to you.

Our Story

Savin Exporting is a leader in the exporting service shipping to 70+ countries. We offer 2 services; 1) We customize all orders with our clients according to contents, the value of the merchandise, weight and final destinations. 2) We ship your chosen items from the USA that you cannot get where you live with the most cheapest, affordable international shipping costs.We focused on four things and these are the morals that we stand by: price, quality, service and Integrity.


Very simple – We focus on long term relationships to provide our buyers the best pricing for their international shipping needs.


You buy the best quality products directly from your favorite stores and businesses online and we package your goods with the best of care so that they get across the globe to your country, wherever that may be.


Giving the best service is the most important aspect of our business. Service means maximizing your shipments for the lowest over all shipping cost. To reduce any breakages, we combine and package all contents carefully for international shipping.


We view our business as a catalyst to assist you in building your own local business. We work hard to grow our clients businesses and we view this as a team effort on both parts. Our mission for our clients who are sellers around the globe is to increase their ROI.


Happy in Germany

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I have been using SavinExporting for years and highly recommend Shelly's service! Everything arrives in mint condition, the customer service is fantastic, the prices are exceptional. Don't hesitate if you are looking for a way to get some US goodies overseas to use this exceptional service!

US to UK shipping with a 5 star service

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I was referred to shelly via a friend after wanting to order from the US for so long. I finally took the plunge in 2021 and have never looked back. Shelly offers a extremely personal shipping service which caters to the individual needs, and Shelly did just that for me. I have ordered several warmers, candles, wax melts etc and everything has been packaged and sent securely, Shelly takes care of your packages and ships them in the most inexpensive but secure way possible, I love being able to order from the US knowing everything is being looked after by shelly, it really does take the stress out of shopping. I will always ship via SavinExporting now, and if your reading this review wondering whether to open up an account and start shopping, do it! Shelly at savin will take care of you and I promise you won’t regret it

5 stars Savin Exporting is Amazing

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Saving Exporting is amazing and has saved me hundreds on shipping to the UK! Shelly is so kind and very helpful explained everything to me and made it all so easy! Shelly packs everything great I had nothing broken and all came perfectly! Anything I want in the US I now ship to savin ex and they do the rest it’s a breeze! Thank you ⭐️

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Top Quality Service

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I tried this company over a month ago and I can honestly say that I will be back! It was really nice being given the opportunity to decide on which carrier and cost for my package being sent to me in Australia was available to me. Super customer service and easy to use! Highly Recommend!

Shipped to UK, felt in safe hands

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Shelly was referred to me by a friend who also uses her in the UK and from the start I felt completely understood and well-looked after. I had issues with suppliers and Shelly sorted it all out for me without hesitation as well as keeping me informed every step of the way. It was a load off as all the stress of shipping and buying was taken away and replaced with excellent customer service. Would thoroughly recommend!

You Should Also Know…

up for its journey abroad.

Savin Exporting| Affordable| Cheapest| Inexpensive Global Shipping

People from around the globe visit our website every day and contact us to set up a new free account for affordable international shipping. We’d like to believe that our prices are amongst the cheapest. We are not like the bigger box companies that repackage and fulfill your orders. We offer a much more personalized service to accommodate to your needs, not ours. We get to know you, and we identify with you as a human not an account number or a bin. Our affiliate companies such as Fed Ex, UPS and DHL to name a few really go the extra mile to assist us in making sure that your parcel arrives on time, safely and unharmed. We also add extra packing supplies to protect every item we ship to you. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have said in their true reviews 

We offer to you a free account with 30 days storage for your items and  unlike so many other companies, we wait to ship out and combine your orders/items from all stores that you shop with to get you the most value without it costing you a small fortune. We’ve learned over the years that shipping more costs less. The other companies send you packages to you even if they are small and nail you with higher shipping charges, taxes and enormous import fees. PLEASE know that you as the buyer of the package to ship takes full responsibility of the route that you choose to send this box whether it be the cheapest to save money or the most costly. We are covered 100% only if you take full declared value and pay additional insurance of your value of the contents within. Otherwise, you will be out of pocket.

Shipping costs vary depending on your country. To give an estimate at best we would need your zip code. We would need to figure in the weight of your contents and dimension size of the box to determine this nonetheless, we shop around for the lowest cost for you so that you can shop more without paying through the roof! With that being said, please know that often a package that weighs much lesser weight can still cost the same as if the weight was more. Shipping more weight is always more cost effective definitely! With our affiliate shipping companies that we use we have the ability to do this for you, and we let you choose what works best for you.

Unlike the big box companies that offer to hold your goods for 30 days and charge whatever they feel deemed necessary to send your parcel, we offer you price options and a variety of different ways to send your package. We also work with you in how to go about declaring your value for customs. With us, there are no surprises! We not only offer your constant intact response time but we also offer a very personal touch to our services where we get to know you and your likes, dislikes and share sales and coupons. Shop at all of your favorite American stores such as AE, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Bath and Body, Yankee Candle, Kringle Candle Company, The Children’s Place, Dicks Sporting Goods, Goose Creek Candle, Marshall’s, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Sierra and many more such as Simply Delicious Fashion

The other companies do not offer this. They send your package, often not at all with the best proper packaging. What’s worse is that upon delivery often you have to pay whatever cost they state when they attempt to deliver it or its held until you pay whatever ridiculous amount they ask for. They are pocketing money while you have to keep dishing out your hard earned cash. At Savin Exporting, we definitely put your needs first.

                                                                                      At Savin Exporting we DON’T:

*We DON’T charge extra for additional packing supplies, bubble wrap or fragile stickers. We are shippers and it is our job to offer these services included in your total cost.

*  We DON’T give you a calculator to gather your own personal estimate because we believe those can only guesstimate. We give you facts and accurate prices after we gather a bit of information from you about your goods and your location.

*We DON’T charge you any annual membership fees for single users, monthly users or businesses. This comes with your free membership using our professional services.

* We DON’T charge you hazardous fees. No one should. That should be included in your total shipping cost. It should NOT be an added expense!

*We DON’T charge you PER BOX to combine your shipments like the other companies do. We are not a freight forwarder.

*We DON’T ignore you. Our customers are our livelihood and without a client base, we wouldn’t be in business. We respond and get back to you almost immediately unless there is a time difference, then there may be a possible delay of few hours.

*We DON’T personal shop nor do we promote reselling in any way. We don’t ever ask why you buy particular products. Our job is to allow you a place to ship them to in the USA. Our job is to repackage, and ship at the best price.

First Question on Everyones Mind?

**How do I get started?

Email us at and tell us that you would like to set up a free account to use our services. We you referred to us by a current user of our services? If so, please let us know up front as we offer referral bonuses! You can also use the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website near the bottom to write us asking to join!

We will need: Your full name, address, phone number and an email account. Its super easy to get started!

As of March 15, 2022 –We now require a $50 deposit to hold your spot on our list of clients. People love us and our slots fill up fast! If you use our services within 30-90 days your $50 will be credited to you on your invoice before we ship out your order. If you do NOT use the services within 90 you will forfeit your monies. This is not up for discussion. We have to pay our accountants to set up your account and that costs us money to do so. This will leave the slots open for serious inquiries only. We often carry a long waiting list of new people wanting to join our services.

Is there a cost to shop and send my merchandise to your office?

-We charge a 15% shopper fee/convenience fee on the overall total of your receipts after shipping fees and taxes from merchants, and allow you to store your items for up to 30 days until a box is full. Any items left after 30 days there is a $25 per month charge to store and late fees. *Please read below storage of products area. If you feel that you made need additional time please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to work something out.

**Where can I shop?

 Many people love candles and wax products but you can shop for and send so many more things! People love buying apparel, craft items, handbags, etc.  This is easily done and you can shop yourself at an stores in the USA the offer shipping to our warehouse and offices using our address and your account information. Some favorite are Bath  and Body Works,, Yankee Candle,,,,  just to name a few. There are so many new shopping avenues that will be available to you once you sign up!

**Do We Offer Personal Shopping Services?

We really don’t dabble in much personal shopping any longer BUT, if you cannot check out somewhere such and you need assistance we’d be happy to assist you with your payment up front. We’ll step in and help you to place an order at any American store if you are having problems doing so yourself. Often clients are not able to view our USA stores (websites) from outside of the US. If this should happen, we recommend getting a VPN ( a virtual private network) which assists you in connecting to the internet using IP address spoofing and data encryption that lets you browse anonymously. You can Google this for assistance.

**Do we offer personal shopping services at local stores?

We no longer offer personal shopping services at local stores. There are just too many liabilities for our employees (in a physical aspect) that have to drive around and do shopping not to mention putting wear and tear on their vehicles and we put their safety first! It was also expensive to do.

-Sure you can, but first we need to know what you are sending so that we can determine the weight and what size packaging we’ll need to use for your package. We’ll also need your zip code.

**Can I get a military discount?

-You bet you can! We thank you for serving our great country of the USA! We offer a 10% discount on the final shipping costs.


PLEASE read very carefully as our terms and conditions through this page in its entirety. These are subject to change without notice.

**How do you choose how to send my parcel(s) abroad?

-At Savin Exporting, we search for the most affordable cheapest inexpensive means to use for global shipping to save you money. We do this by partnering up with many shipping companies so that we can send you your goodies for the lowest cost available to us. The best news is that you choose the service to use according to your budget. There are a variety of cost effective global shippers that we are partners with around the country.

What if my package is detained at customs and they will not forward it to me?

Sending any parcels should always be taken seriously and we at Savin Exporting do take our business very serious. Per our terms and conditions we tell you that you should always declare the highest or the full value of your package. This doesn’t protect you unless you choose the right shipping vendor and ask for prices for insurance to cover any losses should this happen. We look for the most inexpensive means to ship for you and this comes with a price should customs decide to detain your package at their own discretion. In the USA, unlike in other countries, they do not inspect and rummage through your package and take something out if they see fit unfit to ship or something that might be prohibited and forward the remains. They can destroy/liquidate the entire contents. If you are not covered by insurance, or if it was a listing on a platform such as eBay, Mercari or Poshmark, they have the rights and discretion to do as they see fit. We can only hope that they would work with us to correct this nonetheless, the end result is up to them and we cannot nor will not be held accountable for any losses. We do of course go to all means to fight for our customers to come up with a resolution, however, the only way to be fully covered is to declare full value and obtain insurance at your own request upfront.

**How do you determine the total cost to send my package?

We have to take into consideration the dimensions of the box, the weight, the zip code of where it is being shipped from and where the final destination is actually at and the volumetric. Recently as of April 1, 2021 there were changes with the UK and due to Brexit, some shipping companies did raise their costs to import and export to and from the United Kingdom. This is something that is out of our control. It is due to higher taxes on product and packages entering and leaving the United Kingdom. If your parcel(s) have to travel through the UK, expect a slight raise in your shipping costs.

**Help! Tracking on my package isn’t moving, where is it?

We are the service that receives, and packs your items that you’ve purchased and we carefully prepare them for shipment. We schedule (as exporters) a team of shipping companies to handle your parcel(s) and once they leave our office it is in the hands of the next carrier. We will do all that we can to reach out to our sales reps at various shipping companies to ask them to help us get updated tracking for you and generally they get back to us with an update within 24-48 hours.

There are no guarantees of a certain arrival date as these cannot be predicted especially with Covid causing issues the last 2 years and the shipping companies themselves. Brexit in the UK also caused major backups and they still seem to have delays from time to time. Packages can be over booked just as flights can when you schedule a plane ticket to travel. When this happens your package is in ‘limbo’ and we do all that we van to find out where it is and why it has not been forwarded to its next stop. We ask that you be patient and wait for the carriers and shipping teams to research and respond to us with the updated location of your package(s.) If shipping during holidays please book your shipment well in advance of the Christmas madness where everyone tries to ship parcels late hoping the they will arrive on time. Plan your shipment long in advance and do be prepared for backups, delays and packages sometimes not moving at all until customs in particular airports of the country to clear the package for the courier to the final destination.

Oh no, I gave my wrong address? Now what happens?

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INVALID ADDRESSES, WRONG ADDRESSES OR SHIPMENTS THAT ARE MARKED “RETURN TO SENDER” BY SHIPPING COMPANIES or shipments that state deliver but were delivered to an address other than yours. Please be absolutely certain that you have listed your correct address, zip code, leave a phone number if asked when checking out or scheduling to send a package to you from our office. While we do our best to validate all addresses before shipping, it is not our responsibility to check if it is correct or updated and we cannot nor will not be held responsible for orders sent back to us for this reason. Please make sure that you enter the correct address during checkout. Make sure that you keep constant track of shipping so that we know when to expect a parcel for you and where it is left or delivered to.

**Can my package get lost?

Sure it can get lost when shipping globally, nonetheless in nearly 9 years of using the same international shippers through 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th party services, we haven’t had a parcel MIA. We are not responsible if your package is accidentally delivered to the wrong address and cannot cover losses unless you scheduled and prepaid for insurance ahead of sending the package out. If a package is declared lost and you did not pay additional coverage of insurance then sadly, you have absolutely no claim. As business owners we always recommend that you look into the various shipping costs and we often give you various options ourselves as to what is included so that you can choose what is best for you. Its always best to add insurance!

Are there restricted items that I cannot send?

Yes there are and you’ll have to check with your specific country guidelines to find out what is not permissible to send abroad before shopping as we cannot keep track of each country and its regulations and if something is bought and shipped causing your parcel to be restricted and liquidated, it is not out responsibility to refund anything whatsoever. This is not nor has it ever been our responsibility. Please check if you are unsure about any certain items. We highly recommend that you make sure that each item that you desire to send to your country from the USA vis permitted and will NOT be stopped by  customs in the US restricting to your country. Countries can and do change their items marked prohibited and restricted at the flip of a dime, so please, take the time to look deeper into this as we being your shipper never want to see this happen to any of our clients but we are also not the gatekeepers of the policies of entrance to countries. Your items that you purchase are your responsibility. Please check to make certain that items can be shipped to your country as if they are restricted and you lose your entire parcel we are NOT responsible whatsoever.

There is a difference with restricted and prohibited so do ask to ensure that your package will not get flagged. You can also ask one of our customer service reps to assist you in determining if you can or cannot send something in particular.

**What we are NOT responsible for;

Savin Exporting is NOT responsible for refunding you any monies from shipping costs, shopper fees, or the contents of the package if any packages are lost or get damaged any time during transit with any global shipping program (GSP.) This is what insurance is for. If you do not pay for and ask in writing for insurance on your package you have no claim. Once we hand the parcel(s) off to the shipping carrier from our offices it is now in their hands and once it leaves the USA customs hubs and is shipped abroad it becomes that countries responsibility once they sign for the parcels at customs hub at that particular airport globally. They are assigned a dispatch service who will schedule a pick up at customs to begin a process for the delivery of your package where ever that may be. We offer a page on our website that goes over insurance and coverages. We are also not responsible for any acts of Mother Nature where its can melt or get damaged from the cold or the heat.

**Is there a waiting list to join your services?

-Many times of the year, yes, there is a waiting list so please sign up in advance to be certain that you have a spot!

-If you have signed up to use our service and have not used us in over 120 days you can be removed from our list of accounts as we have numerous people waiting to join to use our services.

**Updated Terms and conditions

As of January 1, 2023 at Savin Exporting we are not responsible for items damaged due to mother nature. This means that if it is too hot and melts or too cold and it freezes, its out of our hands. We do not offer full refunds on any invoices for our international shipping charges to you on your invoice as we had to prepay, we also do not refund any shopper/convenience fees, these are nonrefundable whatsoever regardless of your parcel(s) and who you used to ship them your merchandise. If it was bought and shipped using any GSP or eIS service only the listing value amount is covered unless insurance of the full value rate is/was  purchased if applicable at that time. It is a risk to send anything  at a lower declare value. We are not liable for any products or parcel contents once they leave our home office.

We recommend that you check each and every items that you buy on FB Marketplace, eBay, Amazon to see for yourself it that identical items is or can be shipped as we are packages and shippers and not inspectors of items allowed or not allowed to each individual country. If it is stopped at USA customs prior to sending off to your country and a item or items are declared and deemed restricted by customs  you lose the entire contents of your parcel to customs. It’s just as if you tried to get through security at the airport and they found something in your baggage that was not allowed, but there they make you get rid of it and carry on, with shipping at customs they don’t offer that luxury and they seize your entire contents.

If items in a parcel arrives to you damaged and full coverage insurance was not purchased through Savin Exporting separately or at the time of shipment and not charged on this invoice at time of payment, we are in no way responsible to credit you nor to refund you any monies.

We are not responsible to refund any monies given to you as a credit to use for any shipping discounts or other means of shipping your parcel(s) delivered, lost or missing or delivered to the wrong address. Prohibited, restricted and any lost items are not refundable by Savin Exporting. We are in no way liable whatsoever. We do not return shopper fees or shipping costs under any circumstances. By paying this invoice you acknowledge that this is a final sale. No exchanges, no returns and no refunds. ALL sales transaction are FINAL.

If you do not request and pay for insurance in advance via and billed to this invoice you have no coveage in any packages and cannot file a claim or put a hold on any monies paid to Savin Exporting. There are no exceptions nor are any monies to be returned by Savin Exporting for any refunds or broken, damaged items, missing items, lost or prohibited abd restricted parcels. We highly recommend declaring the full amount and suggest insuring all parcels when shipping with our services and amongst any of our shipping couriers. Generally you cannot insure a package unless it is sent via any EXPRESS service and must be done so at the time of booking.

We cannot guarantee the actual shipping length of time to get any or all of your parcels. At times you may be without tracking updates without notice from any of our shipping providers. You may anticipate and experience delays in customs across the country including the UK. You may see increased shipping and taxes due to any shipments that you have that need to be sent through the UK and out of the UK (Imports and exports.)

Delays and longer than normal wait times may occur with mandated updates being implemented from the Brexit and VAT changes in the UK causing slow downs in customs as they sort through any and all paperwork of customs declarations from the USA. Depending on which carrier service we use to ship your parcel(s) you may experience longer than normal delays and can take up to 30 days or longer if your parcel(s) get stuck at customs awaiting scanning and dispatching. They will not update the packages until once scanned through customs and are forwarded to their carrier that will deliver your parcel directly to you. We cannot give an accurate time of delivery or date as this depends on the carrier and its scheduling. Delays in shipment also cause the products to get lost in the shuffle and we are not responsible for any lost or damaged items. If these are not insured you are a a loss so please consider the possibilities.

We are not responsible to give you daily updates or to ask you why you buy what you buy. You (customer) are responsible for knowing if there are any items prohibited or restricted before a shipment leaves our office. In closing, your package is not fully covered un less you, the sender declare full value and pay added insurance for full value coverage. We offer and share he lowest cost carriers nonetheless, how you decide to ship your parcel is your final decision and we at Savin Exporting are not, nor will not be held liable for any losses, thefts, damages or other incidents.

**Storage of orders/products;

You are allowed to keep your goods stored with us for 30 days. After 30 days the cost is $25 per month late fee and $25 per month for up 30 pounds of product. Anything over 30 pounds is an additional amount depending on the actual weight. Roughly $25 per every 30 pounds, there after it will be prorated. After 90 days of leaving your goods at our office and not contacting us for any assistance and not paying your shipping invoice immediately in full, the total with any additional late fees or storage charges and not one day past the 60 day deadline, you then forfeit any of your rights to any of your merchandise that we are holding for you and any of your paid merchandise that you bought from any stores or vendors. We are then take possession 100% of your goods and we have the authority to liquidate them as we see fit to make space in our warehouse. It is not our responsibility to request emails from you with receipt totals for all of your purchases.

Notify us of every delivery!

It is not our responsibility to track down your parcels. You need to get notifications as to shipping and delivery dates and keep us informed. Our hot temperatures 9 month out of the year can cause severe damages to or melting of wax or other goods and if this should occur, it is your loss. The clocks stats ticking from the date of your first order to us via an email of paid receipt for goods. No exceptions, no consideration, no excuses.

**If I signed up to use the service and haven’t used it, can my membership be declined at a later date?

Sadly, the answer is YES. We have so many people sign up to use our shipping program and then don’t participate which then leaves us with no choice other than to delete members and clear names to make room for those whom are on our wait list who are ready to shop and ship. We suggest that you do not shop and ship to our office if it has been later than 3 months since you register as we may return your parcels to the original sender as we do have first right of refusal. They may also get lost during returning them and we are not in any way to be held responsible because technically you are not an active member using our service regularly.

**Failure to comply to our terms and conditions, you may ask…Can I get the boot and be told that I am not permitted to use Savin Exporting services any longer?

The answer is YES. We are not very hip to those bullying and making false claims, or badmouthing our name and  services to anyone nor for any reason. Please know that should we learn of this, you will qualify for immediate dismissal. In other cases you can be warned once first and if you don’t follow our guidelines we have the right to dismiss you and close your account without notice. If we close your account, any or all of your packages that are at our office/warehouse at this time will be required to be sent to you immediately with full payment or they will be liquidated. It you desire to have them sent to you yourself and do the legwork and all of the paperwork required, only under these terms will we allow this. It will be in your best interest to immediately get from Savin Exporting the size and measurements of the package to get your own quotes and to arrange a pick up from Savin Exporting giving them a 72 hour window of when to have your parcel(s) ready for their shipment to you. We are not responsible nor will we take liability If you cannot do this our legal team will step in. Late fees and storage fees will apply as well.

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