Savin Exporting

Best Affordable Shipping Service!

Savin Exporting. Why We are the Best Global Shipping Service. We offer the best forwarding shipping services based on your needs. We listen to you! We built our business on strong ethics and we grew by referrals. Word of mouth is our best advertisement! Saving money is the #1 reason that people abroad use Savin Exporting.

At Savin Exporting, we offer a personal service allowing you to shop at any of your favorite American stores online. When you set up a free account we’ll hold your items and send out one package, not multiple smaller shipments that can cost you a lot of money over time. We offer you the opportunity to shop at any American store online at your convenience day or night. You are your own best personal shopper.

We work directly with a variety of international shipping companies to export your selected goods around the globe for the best, most affordable worldwide shipping rates. You should know that at Savin Exporting, we are affiliated with over 55 global shipping companies internationally. We use companies such as DHL, USPS, UPS, and FedEx to name a few.

We offer you quotes so that you have the ability to determine which is the best and most cost effective means of shipment for you.Why? Because we want to have the opportunity to offer you a diversity of shipping options to choose from because we realize that a lot of people are on shoestring budgets and we all want to save money!

We treat you like family, not an account number. Much of our client base has been with us now for almost 8 years and they share our name with family members, friends and businesses opening up new avenues for us to expand and grow. Our morals and values in business are held at that the most highest regard.


At Savin Exporting we DON’T:

*We DON’T charge extra for additional packing supplies, bubble wrap, fragile stickers or hazardous goods. We are shippers and it is our job to offer these services included in your total cost.

*  We DON’T give you a calculator to gather your own personal estimate because we believe those can only guesstimate and no one likes surprises of additional fees or imports upon delivery. We give you facts and accurate prices after we gather a bit of information from you about your goods and your location.

*We DON’T charge you any annual membership fees for single users, monthly users or businesses. This comes with your free membership using our professional services.

*We DON’T tell you what you want to hear…we give you the facts.

*We DON’T ignore you. Our customers are our livelihood and without a client base, we wouldn’t be in business. We respond and get back to you almost immediately unless there is a time difference. If this is the case, there may be a possible delay of few hours.


Come join our international family!