Shipping products with Savin Exporting is a piece of cake! In fact, your shopping needs just got a whole lot easier. Are you looking for a means to buy products that you cannot get where you currently reside? You buy, we ship…it’s that simple. Here’s how; In todays day and age, we all want what we cannot have. Savin Exporting offers reasonable global shipping prices that won’t break your budget. We will also act as personal shoppers if you need assistance. Our clients shop at a variety of stores online such as; Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle, Goose Creek Candle, Target, Walmart, etc. After that, we ship globally from our warehouse straight to your doorstep. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

We’ll ship what you buy from the USA to where ever you live around the globe because we want you to have access to all of your favorite. How do we operate exactly you wonder? Our potential new clients from overseas have the options to shop for their favorite goodies at all of their favorite locations here in the United States of America, nonetheless most people don’t understand how to go about this? Do keep in mind that there are some items that simply cannot be shipped due to laws and federal regulations that are beyond our control and forbidden.

This is the easiest way to get your favorite selections in product. In addition, we offer you a commodity of ways to shop for any USA goods. Like many people, we often hear from friends or family about services. At Savin Exporting, by word of mouth, we grow with your help. We all search for unique ways to buy or to save and lets face it, we all are looking for savings one way or another. When we hear from someone else about their experiences, it make us more trusting for sure to give it a try.

What do people do when they learn of new products or merchandise such as candles, body lotions, hand soaps, apparel, and so much more? They want these items immediately of course. Here is what happens…People post blogs, or they have pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest showcasing these items and their experiences. What if a person has no means to purchase these products? Thats where we come in, after all, we are the experts. We can ship your goods abroad for you. Most often, people or companies come to us to use or personal shopping services to buy and ship their favorite goods to where ever in the world they may live.

Our goal and our business ethic is to assist people in getting their hands on items and merchandise for their loved ones, friends, co-workers, etc. Shopping should be a piece of cake! We offer global shipping. Our unique exporting services here at Savin Exporting makes it easy for anyone to reach out to us and start shopping. Our goal is always to boost sales for our USA companies as well as to compensate new clients with fabulous product. Our business functions mainly on new clients via word of mouth. Why? Our services are good and people like to tell their friends. In conclusion, why not give us a try? Let us help you get all of your favorite products shipped to your doorstep. We use several different shipping companies and we are insured.

Ahhhh this is the time of year when we get all giddy with excitement. Are you ready to shop? The semi annual sales are soon starting up for a variety of our favorite USA stores. Mainly from BBW, Goose Creek Candle and YC come my shoppers largest sales, though we get requests for items from a large variety of stores. This is the time when we stock up for our own personal use, or purchase items for gifts such as anniversary, birthday, holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving.

Whether you prefer candles, body lotions, fragrance mists, pocketbacs, shower gels, car products, or novelty accessories and home decor, you’ll certainly find a large number of scents, sizes and quantities of product.

Items at this time are anywhere from 50-75% off and the deals are steals for sure! Please note that what someone sees available at a store may not be the same merchandise that is or will be available on the online stores. Whether you seek candles or any wax items, you’re sure to find something that you will fancy. Accessories and home decor will also be available so we must buy quickly as there is no telling how long these items will last at such low cost. At this time NO coupons are accepted, none, whatsoever.

This is the time of year to shop for remodeling your home. If you are looking to redecorate your bathroom, bedroom, den or man cave, you’ll find quite the selection of merchandise that has a note of your style, and we’ll get it shipped via Savin Exporting. Our personal shopper service is at your beck and call.

These sales usually last 3-4 weeks long and each day, week there will be new merchandise listed. My job is to shop for you as your personal shopper online for all of your favorite things! Do keep in mind that our normal personal shopper fee is 15%, nevertheless, during these sales the shopper fee does increase to 25%. Why? The prices are so low and drastically reduced. We also have to cover our costs such as supplies, packing and employee wages along with your import fees.

I urge you to check out your favorite websites to see if they are running semi annual sales and if they are, start making that list! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff or myself with questions or concerns here at Savin Exporting.

Happy Shopping!