While there are so many absolutely wonderful vendors that pride themselves in wax making, there are wax vendors whose businesses are both rising and falling. I felt it was time to write another blog about why some are closing and others are just getting their toes wet. Some of the newest and latest upcoming fabulous wax vendors we found in the USA are about to be shared with all of you!

First off, let me say that it saddens me deeply to hear that some of our favorite vendors have (since my last blogs) either closed their shops or are planning to close in the near future. Whether that be because of too high of inflation, a rise in oil costs, health issues, or family matters, we are all so sorry to say goodbye. We love these vendors so much, and are so sad to see them go, but we wish them well in their future endeavors and can only hope that one day they will be aspired to pour wax again!

With this being said, I’d like to talk to all of you about some of the newest wax companies that I’ve learned of not only from some of my clients, but that I’ve met and tracked their sources, as well as learned about their businesses through either word-of-mouth or social networking.

It’s not easy being a wax vendor, and as the prices go up with fragrance oils, sadly, they have to raise their prices to accommodate their business budgets. For those of my own clients that use Savin Exporting and search out these wonderful vendors, here are some new names worth taking a look at in the USA. I encourage all of you to give these other places a try because they are vendors that you may never have heard of, but really need to make an effort to give them a go.

Let’s face it, everyone makes their wax differently, and everyone has their own techniques, but there are some really new exciting wax companies that I encourage everyone to review and put your own spin on your take of the wax. How fragrant is it? Does it smell good? Is it comforting or does it cause headaches? Some scents are too strong for our sinuses and it seems like if they trigger it we know not to go back to that particular aroma, nonetheless, with that being said, there are so many that you can put in your wax burner and smell throughout the house, because the oils are so intense.

These wonderful wax vendors are here in in the USA and they are always trying to stay on top of their ‘a-game’ and produce the very best for all of you. Some have been in business for decades and some new to the wax family.

Many of these vendors only ship within the USA. This is where I come in. Hi my name is Shelly Savin and I own Savin Exporting.  I ship globally to over 70 countries and I offer you the opportunity to select which shipping method works the best with your finances whether you can afford to ship it express and receive it in 2-5 days at a more costly amount or if you’re on a shoestring budget and want to get it for a lesser shipping cost and don’t mind waiting a little longer.

Now, let me share some of these wonderful vendors with you. Keep in mind that these are in absolutely no particular order. These are just vendors that my customers have used or that friends, coworkers, or social media has bragged about so I’ve decided to check up on these myself anonymously to see what the boast is all about.

1.)  Lavender and Speckles Scents

Did you know that this company is named after their two chickens? Yes it is and I really do think that is adorable! You can follow them onFB. Their next date to order at Lavender and Speckles is coming soon! Visit them here to see their spreadsheet of what goes into each and every pour and what they smell like soon! Click this link to not only visit their website but also to find out their new aromas and prices! To stay on top of their scents and updates, along with what the notes are in each melt, click here. I encourage everyone to give Matt & Beth’s melts a go!

2.) Second & Spruce is another great vendor wax. Erika Kane is the proud owner from Pittsburgh, PA. You can find her on the Second & Spruce Handcrafted Wax Melt FB Group.This group will be used to post updates, sales, restocks, giveaways, and for customers to connect through their love of wax! These astounding wax melts are created from a custom para-soy blend, and Erika uses only high quality fragrance oils from trusted vendors. If you wish to buy from her, the website is only open for pour-dates so do follow her FB group for dates and times!

3.) Happy Wax

Happy Wax® is the first wax melting company committed to making wax melting fun, easy, and healthy! I LOVE their packaging and marketing. They craft unforgettable wax melts made with natural soy wax, infused with essential oils and free of phthalates (chemicals.) They are all made with love in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Their soy wax melts are a must try! They come in a few sizes but they also have other wax items as well such as wax warmers and candles! They got tired of choosing between all natural products that were so weak you could barely smell them or chemical-filled products with toxic ingredients that claim to last longer. They believe in fragrance without compromise – no parabens or phthalates, no cheap paraffin wax. At Happy Wax, all of their fragrances are designed by masterful experts using concentrated scent that is designed to last longer. Translation: you can actually smell them!! The aromas will fill your entire room and FYI, they use soy wax infused with essential oils so that you can breathe easy. For people like myself with asthma, allergies and sinus issues this is music to my ears!

4.) The Melted Moose

A woman named Jackie is the creator of The Melted Moose  She decided to try making wax after she became interested in wax melts herself.  She loves crafting hobbies in her free time – such as wood crafts, painting, seasonal crafts and others.  She’s always loved candles for home fragrance. Her favorite scents are ones that induce fond memories or ones that make her want to lick the air. Find Jackie on The Melted Moose Friends and Family FB Group and ask to join. She takes her order here so do message her.

5.) Grace & Ivy Candle Company

Proud owner is Laurie Starkey from Conroe, Texas. With so many products to choose from might I highly suggest trying the squeeze wax? You can thank me later. All of the products are 100% Natural Soy! Clean and toxins free. They pride ourselves in making small-batch, hand-poured, hand-crafted wax items for your sniffing pleasure. They are a family-owned and operated business so lets support them! Also, FYI-Shipping over $35 is free when you place an order! From candles to wax melts, there is a variety of deliciousness n each of her products!

6) My Sisters Candles 

Owner Angela Grant, from Ohio has had nearly 14000 sales since starting and have nearly all 5 star reviews! With a blend of so many waxes, surely there will be a few that you need to try! Her wax melt dots are perfect especially if you only desire to purchase them as a tester to see if you will like the aromas before taking the plunge into a larger size. I like the skinny dipping dots because they are so clean smelling and freshly scented. Who doesn’t love the smell of crisp clean fresh anything? Cocoa Butter Cashmere and Vanilla Patchouli are also must haves! They also make melt squeezes in a wide assortment off scents. Blueberry Cheesecake and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles are a must try. These come in 2 different sizes. Angela’s shop is found on Etsy.

7.) Tootsies Sugar Shack

From Clinton, Illinois this wax melt company has already had over 150,000 sales! Soooo this is close to my heart because Tootsie is a rescued cat that owner Kelli got when she went to a shelter looking for a kitty. Tootsie hid and came out just as Kelli was leaving. Kitty picked her owner. Sounds like it was love at first sight. This family now has 4 cats (all off whom were rescued) and a few kiddos and they love making wax! Whats not to love about this vendor?! Please try her wax melts! The prices are a bit lower than some of the other vendors.

8) Silly Goats Soap Company

This delightful online store offers lip balms, lotions, soaps, candles, melts and  more! This is another company that the owners are totally animal lovers! Music to my ears! They are located on a small family farm in the hillside country of beautiful South-Central Kentucky. Chris and his wife Sandy are the owners. They have goats, hens, cats, dogs and 2 kiddos. They use goat milk to make their soap products all are handmade from the milk of their little herd of Lamancha goats.  They make each batch by hand, using goat milk, palm, coconut, and olive oils, along with various natural fragrances and essential oils and they use only all-natural ingredients and form the soap in their homemade wooden molds in small batches. Their soaps are great for those with skin issues such as psoriasis. Got join pain and don’t want medicines? Try their all natural joint relief products! Free shipping for all orders over $59. Please try the Silly Goat Soap Company today!

9.) Melt and Honey Candle Co

If you seek melts for appearance and super strong aromas, look no further! Lets face it, we all do a double take when we see pretty wax, however it may be that it is poured or designed differently…but is it a strong aroma that you will be able to smell in your home or office for hours? I personally desire something stronger and long lasting for sure. The Melt and Honey Candle Co  is truly just what the doctor ordered to make you smile! This is a very new melt maker trying to grow so lets help them out. I love the thought pattern that they take to design each melt and the aromas and the names of them siimply sound so tasty! The Easter Peeps are so cute and well thought out in design. This consists of 3 scent blends and each are a cute bunny shape. Whether you choose Easter Peeps Wax Melts Scented in Strawberries ‘n Cream, Orange Creamsicle or Key Lime Pie, they are all a winner! This store is found on Etsy!

10.) Tipsy Candle Company

Last but certainly not least, this wonderful candle/wax melt store. All are a must try in my personal opinion but these melts are the bomb-diggity! They make hand poured candles too. The boozy pumpkin latte candle is already my favorite! From melts to candle and tea lights, diffusers and more, here’s the scoop on their name and how the business came to be…

Tipsy Candle Company was founded in 2012 by the motivation to repurpose empty wine bottles into something renewable and reusable. They recycle wine bottles from local merchants within the Tampa Bay area and repurpose them into an extraordinary hand crafted product. Each wine bottle is de-labeled, cut, sanded, polished, and cleaned.  They hand pour all of their candles with their signature soy wax, and are infused with custom fragrances.  Each scent has a custom label that shares a themed story. This delicate process transforms the once doomed wine bottles into an artisan show pieces. Their signature soy wax is all natural and made from soybeans grown locally in the USA! They are saving the planet one bottle at a time.

Share these vendor names with everyone and please give them a try! They are all magnifiicent aromas and companies that are truly hidden gems.

You’re welcome.