Where would one find the best and latest homemade wax vendors worth trying in the USA? I started out years ago doing personal shopping for customers around the globe because I love wax. I searched out the small names not known or on the map of wax to share with my clients afar. When shipping got to the point where it cost too much to send abroad, I decided to turn the tables and begin my own shipping service. I figured if you can’t beat them, join them!

This is where Savin Exporting was born. I have been in the shipping business now for about a decade. Over the years, my business has grown in popularity and I am referred to by many around the globe wanting to buy outside of their own country. My clients buy from places in the USA, send it to my office and I repackage and reroute it to them. The biggest question my customers abroad have always asked “Shelly, who sells the best homemade wax in America?”

Back by popular demand, I give you now my 3rd blog about the best sought out wax vendors here in the USA and I have fabulous things to say about all of them!

Keep in mind if you will that some of these wax vendors have websites only open on certain dates for taking orders, so do find out by contacting each of them that you might be interested in and ask them about their upcoming events! These that I have mentioned below are all great companies and are listed in no particular order;


  1. Britta’s Creepy Treasures From their sampler creepy souffles to the wax loaves, the aromas are endless and they are for sure a must try wax vendor! Try the Pennywise.  This delightful melt consists of all of my favorite scents; caramel kettle corn + strawberry pound cake + cotton candy frosting. Desire something less fruity and more fresh? Then definitely try the Doll. This delight consists of these winning combos; downy april fresh + cocoa butter cashmere + pink berry tonka. Wax loaves? Try Coffee, Eggnog or Espresso. Yummy!
  2. Candles from the Keeping Room Meet Carol the owner. She has been making candles and tarts since 2000, and just loves what she does. She loves to offer new scents and ideas all the time always coming up with fun new ideas to share with all the wax lovers! Few things to know; All of Carols candles are made with paraffin wax, high quality fragrance oils and lead free wicks. All of their containers are candle safe for burning. When you receive a candle or tarts from them, it will come nicely bagged or wrapped in our eco friendly cello, which is made of polypropylene. This kind of cello wrapping allows you to actually store your candles and tarts with out the worry of the scent dissipating. Each item has a homespun tie and a scent label to make it look and feel homemade and not store bought, To name all of their scents would be endless so  here they are. Carols Melt Scents. I indulge in the food scented melts.
  3. Magnolia Melts. Owner Kristian, This tiny little business started with Kristian’s grandma’s vintage crock pot, has gone from 17 scents to now well over 125 available year round- and additional limited release scents during different seasons, in just 3 years! They’ve started making more products, too! Opened Magnolia Melts on Etsy in April 2017, after months of perfecting my wax melt recipe. I had actually made candles before moving to melts, but I quickly learned wax melts are a much safer and healthier alternative.now make Shower Steamers, Lip Balms, The Body Oil, Essential Oil Roll-Ons, Potty Spray and Whipped Soaps! Give them a try, you’ll be happy that you did! I tend to gravitate towards the Caffe Mocha.
  4. Sweet Southern Scents Fragrance Co. All products are made in small batches in this family owned, home-based candle shop located in Trinity, Texas. There is but ONE candle maker at this shop worth getting to know, so say hello to the creator herself, Amanda. She, like myself, wears a lot of hats! As a very small business, they have no employees for processing orders. All items are created and made by one individual! This is small hometown wax for sure and a must try! What honestly just started as a hobby to clear her mind, quickly became an obsession. Thats how Sweet Southern Scents Fragrance Co was actually born. One of Amanda’s greatest passions in life has become creating unique handmade products for all your home and car fragrance needs.
  5. My Sisters Candles  Angela, the owner has a little homemade wax melt shop in Ohio with oodles of scents and various pours. Tons of fabulous reviews. They 3oz, heavily scented clamshell wax melts are listed at a great price. They are great samplers to try to see if the scent is what you’d desire more of. Creme Brûlée is a top fav of mine as is Strawberry Cheesecake. This shop is based on Etsy and you really need to order a few of her bits! With their 1 oz samplers you can try them all! They also have 5 oz scoopables too!
  6. The Candle Daddy  If you wish for something sweet with a name to remember, and I mean reallllyyyy remember, try Blue Balls, or if that doesn’t sound risqué enough how bout’ Well Hung? Or Miso Horny? If you love the smell of banana bread try Bofa Deez Nuts. Last but not least, a favorite of mine, Part Time Hooker, no its not what you think so get your mind out of the gutter! A well recommended blend of melts that a lot of you may not have heard of…I say try them! They’re funny names, but oh so serious scents for sure!
  7. Swan Creek Candle Company Their Drizzle Melts are so strong and so long lasting! I lean towards their amazing candles! If you’ve never tried them, nows your chance..I’ve known of this company since I lived in Michigan and used to drive through Swanton, Ohio to visit my folks. So many coffee brews that are must haves that I absolutely LOVE! Their aromas fill your home for hours and if you love the melts you will want to buy their candles too! Some info about them; Swan Creek Candle is an Ohio corporation that has been selling wholesale to the gift industry since 1978. It is owned and operated by family, and located in a 30,000 square foot factory in Northwest Ohio.
  8. Scent Sationals  Some might argue that these really aren’t homemade (but they are) and very sought out internationally so wanted to share the website and how to get your hands on them. These are found on their own website but the are also in linked to selling their waxes through Walmart. Nonetheless for those of you abroad this is the website to but these at a great cost of $2,99 each! With so many aromas to choose from you will spend endless hours burning these bad boys day and night. Caramel Apple Spice, Honeysuckle Pineapple and Lemon Blueberry Donuts are a top pick of mine! Mot too much to say about these as their product speaks volume!
  9. Savannah Blue Wax These are really great homemade wax melts. Many to choose from on the website. These are super popular but only do restocks on certain dates so if website is under maintenance, do check back for dates as these are some real good ones to give a try! Give this company a try! Find them on Facebook 
  10. Glitterati  founded in 2013, owner Janine Jenzano, Owner of Glitterati Wax has really made a name for herself. She has a group that is great to follow on Facebook for many new scents and restock dates to grab her melts before they’re gone! Definitely watch for her preorder dates. Located in Chapel Hill, NC which technically is not too far from me is a must try and always buy from kind of wax vendor. Her blends are simply amazing. Offering Souffle Samplers and Mystery Box Samplers, this is a vendor to add to your list!


This list should be a start for some of you newbies and for those of you that are already using my services and have read blogs 1 & 2, well then, enjoy this list of the latest that I highly recommend on the great homemade world of USA wax vendors! Stay safe, be kind to one another and share the love of WAX! Thank you all!







If you are a serious wax addict, you’ll want to read this article as it is an attribute to USA wax vendors, one in particular that I want to share with you. Lets talk about Sugar Melts by Stacy and how I got to know about this small business wax vendor.

A little bit about me first. A few months ago, I sat down and wrote a blog based on some of the best wax vendors in America that many of my clients raved about. I made the decision to spread the love of these small wax vendors with others. Through my blog I shared names and links so that others could see what all the fuss was about. Afterwards, I reached out to some of these vendors and asked if we might collaborate, especially to those who did not ship internationally. I personally felt that I could relate to the headaches trying to ship worldwide filling out all the customs documentations and paperwork which is not only mind boggling but time consuming just the same.

I waited in hopes of a response. Stacy and I connected. My grandmother, who was my best friend used to say that that people come into our lives for a reason and that when one door closes another one opens and sure enough I started collaborating with this small business owner.

Today I’m writing this blog to tell you about a woman named Stacy Jean Sullivan and her wax business. Let’s talk about Sugar Melts by Stacy. Stacy is the proud owner of her website. She started this business 7 years ago. She is from a small town called Front Royal, Virginia. The name Sugar Melts by Stacy came about because Stacy is a type one diabetic. With that being said we all know that any illness requiring medicines are not cheap. This business truly helps Stacy with her medical supplies as she is on an insulin pump.

Behind the scenes there was someone else who was influential to Stacy and that was her mother. With her mom by her side helping her with bookkeeping and orders etc., she was, as some would say her right hand lady so to speak. They were their own dynamic duo, the dream team. These two were so creative in all aspects of the business that their wax just kept getting better and better with new aromas, and new ideas. With each pour came a new twist on American made wax melts and her list of followers grew. Stacy felt she could do anything with her mother by her side.

In 2020, Stacy’s mother became ill and was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and fought her battle as long as she could with Stacy by her side. In March 2021, Stacy’s mother passed away. Stacy struggled with the thought of keeping her business up and running without her mom by her side nevertheless, she knew that her mothers spirit would embrace her enough to guide her through this journey. Stacy vowed to keep her business flourishing because that’s what her mother would want her to do. She needs all of us to support her and to keep her business alive. We, along with her mothers spirit always with her will do our part to keep Sugar Melts by Stacy a name to remember.

Stacy has quite a following here in the United States and I’m hoping to help her expand to other countries that need to know about how great her wax products really are. These melts that so many people rave about come in different sizes and shapes and they come in such a variety of scents. The aromas are enough to fill a room and they have people coming back for more and more, month after month.

Stacy uses the best quality wax and oils and puts so much thought into each and every wax melt that she pours and her customer fan base absolutely loves her! If you have not purchased yet from Stacy, I would highly recommend doing so! Drop what you are doing and get on a mailing list or set up an account with her website. Stacy does preorders every 6-8 weeks and in between she often does a RTS or pop up.

I am attaching a link to her website but please note that she takes customized orders only on specified dates so the best thing to do would be follow her on group page on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for updates on when the next time is to preorder her melts. You definitely will not be disappointment. Please visit Sugar Melts by Stacy

To be able to shop at Sugar Melts by Stacy if you live abroad and have her melts sent to you, you’ll need to write us at [email protected] to sign up for a free account with Savin Exporting. We are here to assist you throughout the process. Once you sign up for your free account we’ll issue you an American address for you to ship your orders to. We’ll do all the customs paperwork and packaging for you to prepare it to ship overseas when you’re ready!

From everyone here at Savin Exporting, we are quite honored to be collaborating with you on this business journey Stacy!


Sugar Melts by Stacy






Hello everyone! Let’s talk about WoofWix! A few months ago I wrote a blog about wax vendors who are small business owners here in the USA that I suggested taking a look at.  I mentioned some of these small vendors trying to make a difference in the world of wax as well in hopes of sending some new potential business their way.

As a small business owner myself who launched several small businesses since 2004, I can say wholeheartedly that we all get by with a little help from our friends. With that being said, I’m very happy today to introduce to you all a very nice couple who is ‘for sure’ marking their territory in the wax sector.

I’d like to introduce to you Amber and Steven Wolf. They are the owners of WoofWix! They come highly recommended indeed by several of my clients abroad who use my international shipping services so they are already getting known by their adorable name around the globe in places such as; Africa, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and in parts of the UK to name a few. Their business was listed on my last blog titled “American Wax Companies Worth Taking a Peek At!”

A little bit about them and their fabulous business; They hand make their wax melts from their cozy little office located in Kimball, Michigan! Amber and Steven both grew up in Michigan and started dating in high school in 2006. Since then they went to college, got married, adopted a dog named Loki, and they started WoofWix in 2018 turning this into quite the successful small business to those looking for delightful melts in the USA.

They were inspired by their dog to make dog-themed wax melts. Amber stated “We love being able to create our own custom cozy blends for everyone to enjoy. It’s always fun to have a new scent lingering in the air!” I can assure you that their blends are definitely one of a kind and there are a variety of them to try. They offer anything from bakery to fruity to fresh to masculine aromas!

This duo is becoming more and more busy and they’re rapidly expanding their business. With that being said, they do monthly restocks where they add almost 30 new blends to WoofWix.com

Two of their absolute personal favorites are Lenny’s Apple Bread which is a delicious blend of Mac Apples + Zucchini Bread + Sugar Cookies + Cornbread Muffins. Gosh this sounds like something that would just melt in your mouth doesn’t it, ahhh but don’t eat it! Another highly recommended scent is called Library – this is a blend of Cedar + Leather + Teakwood & Sandalwood. Sounds masculine so for all the guys out there that desire manly aromas, try this one! My guess is you won’t regret it. If  Amber and Steven recommend it then so do we!

Do you need a few other pleasing suggestions? No Paw-blem! Here are a few ideas that truly sound delicious not to mention mouth watering to me; Bakery Boy- Buttered Pecan Bread + Sugared Milk, or how about Snicklefritz-Snickerdoodle + Pizzelle + Brown Sugar. Omggg, can you say yummy?!? Need more suggestions? I love watching Hallmark movies so why not try ‘Hallmark Movie!’ This smells just like vanilla frosted graham crackers.

For myself on a personal note and living at the beach, I highly endorse a fresh melt that sounds ever so good called ‘Beach Blanket’ which consists of Salty Sea Air + Flannel Sheets. Doesn’t that just sound like a blanket of freshness that you can just wrap yourself up in?

Here’s a link to view some of their others melts and aromas/ingredients used to bring them to life, but please do keep in mind that there are many that are seasonal so be on the look out when the time approaches. Their scents and melts can change monthly according to the season and their availability. https://www.woofwix.shop/woofwix-blends

Amber and Steven really do hope to see you join the Woof Pack soon and to give you some motivation to try them out they are offering a 20% off coupon to new international buyers who purchase their wax and set up an account with us to ship abroad using our services at SavinExporting.com 

You can reach us at [email protected] to find out how to get an account and a personalized USA address to have your orders delivered to, then we’ll do the rest and find the best prices and customs fees to accommodate your absolute needs and send them on their way for you to enjoy! We ship to over 70 countries. We search the most affordable shipping for you and we, unlike many other global shipping companies who give you one cost only,… take it or leave it, we give you options to choose what is best for you and we feel that makes a huge difference in the worldwide shipping field.

The code for this fabulous 20% off instant savings is; SavinWoof  so don’t forget to use it so that Amber and Steven know how you found them! Happy shopping! Have a paw-some day and may you take full advantage of their many melts to choose from.

From all of us at Savin Exporting, Good Luck to you both Amber and Steven! We are so honored to be collaborating with you on this venture!

American wax companies worth taking a peek at are only a click away! When candle lovers look at Savin Exporting, they naturally think “Wow, I can buy my favorite American candles and have them shipped abroad though this service!” But there is so much more to the candles than most people even dream of.

There are wax companies out there that are glorious and have such awesome reviews that you should try, and if you live abroad you now have every opportunity at your fingertips to purchase some of them and really give them a try for yourself. Purchasing melts from the USA is available 24/7 and these vendors are waiting to sell to you and make you their new clients!

You might not have known how to do this before but I am here to help! Savin Exporting ships far more than just wax and candles. Yes a lot of us are hell bent on getting the newest and latest labeled candles. Many of you are collectors, nevertheless, so many people ask me “does this smell good Shelly” or “does it have a strong throw?” My answer is always this;  if you are unsure of making a large valued purchase for a candle because most of the large jar big names are coming in right around $30 each then might I suggest trying wax melts? Many of the big name stores produce melts so try those first before you invest so much.

However, if you are like myself and so many others looking to support the small businesses in the USA, and wanting to try something new, why not search for the home town small business owners trying to make a difference and build themselves a great business? I high recommend trying out any of these vendors that I have listed below as I ship a high volume of many of them abroad to my customers and they rave on and on about so many of these that you really should try them for yourself!

Yes we can research melt and fragrance oil companies but there are times we spend a lot of our hard earned cash only to be disappointed. Let me state, that none of these companies have bad reviews from my clients who might I add shop frequently. Recently it was brought to my attention that several of these fabulous sellers of melts and oils are not getting enough praise and recognition so I am here to shout it from the roof tops (if need be) why you should try them!

How popular are they? Well some of them I cannot list yet as they have grown so much and so quickly that they are building new websites and are under maintenance currently so I will add them when they are completed. Many of these companies are so busy like Brandy Williams owner and founder since 2013 of  Super Tarts whom started this business as a stay at home mom now usually always has a back order wait list for 6-8 weeks if not longer. Trust me, these are well worth the wait! Brandy has made these in her kitchen and started this fabulous business and now so many people love her products. Little did she know she would become so famous to all of us in the wax world who can’t get enough of her products! I’m also excited to share Amber and Steven Wolfs melt page called WoofWix with loads of buyers and  followers! They offer paw-some scents and the logo and themes that are inspired by their dog Loki and their aromas are fantastic! These animal lovers are high on my list of must tries!

Some of our most loved vendors are;


Sugar Melts by Stacy


Destination Wax Company

Teddy Bee’s Wax Co

L3 Waxy Wonders

Hayden Rowe Candle Company

The Pharmacists Daughter

Sassy Girl Aroma

KAE Scented Wax Melts

Rose Girls Wax also known as… RG Wax Company

There are larger American stores that sell wax melts too, nevertheless, please be mindful that some are ‘ in store purchases’ and we don’t offer personal shopping services any longer for Walmart but a few great ones that can be purchased online, and this being the highest ranked from some of my clients are BHG Melts at Walmart.

One of my favorites and a favorite of Maura’s and Nancy’s is Swan Creek. I was introduced to this company what seems like ages ago and they are such strong candles and melts. You simply cannot go wrong with this company!

Perhaps you desire fragrance oils for making your own melts or soaps? Here are a few trusted that myself and other clients have bought and they are highly recommended! Indiana Candle Supplies

Wholesale Supplies Plus   The Flaming Candle   Rustic Escentuals

If you have any wonderful melt shops that are made by vendors here in the USA that you want me to list for other wax lovers to try, please reach out to me and let me know. Until next time, happy shopping for candles, melts, oils and all of your favorite goodies here in America!