My name is Shelly Savin and I own Savin Exporting. I’ve been referred to lately as the Gossip Girl of wax vendors chatting amongst my wax lover friends and clients, but I prefer calling it spreading the love of wax. After I wrote my last blog about American Wax Melts Worth Taking a Peek At, I wondered if I would catch the eye of any of my clients with the narrative? I had so many people reach out to me about these vendors. I received so much fabulous feedback not to mention the excitement from my clients that I felt it was time to do some bragging about a variety of other vendors that just may knock your socks off with appeasing sweet-smelling aromas! This blog is definitely a MUST READ…Some Fabulous ‘Must Try’ USA Small Business Wax Vendors.

Like myself at one time, I was a start up company and I truly believe in collaborating with others to grow together. My current clients buy wax from vendors and they forward their orders from these amazing wax companies to my offices so that I can send them abroad to a variety of countries that they all live so that they may enjoy, indulge and savor these fascinating blends.

Nevertheless, after such astonishing feedback from my last blog, I thought to myself “why not share more of these hard working vendors here in the USA that pour some pretty fantastic aromas trying to build their businesses?”  These vendors are all really great and have such unique qualities about them and their products. I don’t think that any two are alike. If I may, these vendors are all in the USA and all offer such top notch services!

With that being said, lets get this show on the road and get started talking wax. These amazing USA wax vendors are in no particular order and they are all companies that I don’t think you would regret buying from, in fact, they may be addicting!

Lets talk wax, shall we? Melissa Hamilton, the owner of h2 Wax Co fairly new as of 2020, determined and thriving in the wax world this gal took her love of melting wax and turned it into her love of making wax! You’ll find that her products match her personality and all of her favorite things! She lives in Southern California so yes, she loves wine, white preferably. She resides there with her husband, daughter, and 2 devilish cats. She owns 2 businesses; a wax company and a beautiful jewelry store called B Enchanted. Melissa rarely finds time for herself, nevertheless, she loves what she does! Her goals were never to own her own businesses. Melissa has a Masters Degree in Secondary Education. After having her first child, like so many of us, she decided to stay home with her daughter. Working with wax, naturally her aromas and favorite scents do change, but currently she’s loving anything with Iced Vanilla Woods or Bum Bum. Her passion is in creating each blend. I’m liking the sounds of Fluffy Saltwater Taffy snap bar, and Salted Caramel Ice Cream Bon Bon. She just started using my services to ship abroad and over the pond! Visit her website and take a peek at many of these to choose from  La Confiserie. Follow Melissa h2WaxCo on Facebook for up to date releases of new pour dates and pre orders!Please, join her Facebook page! Melissa may still be fairly new amongst these remarkable vendors, but she is going to have waiting lists to buy her wax melts before you know it!

Another from Etsy; I truly believe you’ll love this one…try Kays Creative Soaps. Yes, she also sells homemade wax melts too and she is from Wallace, South Carolina! Try these handcrafted organic artisan soaps. Might I suggest the Candy Apple which is just one of many! I think I might need to try Cocktails By the Pool. Its funny you know…I don’t like the taste of coffee at all but oh how I low the smell of it. Therefore this is a must try. How about fluffy whipped soap?

Here is one on Etsy that is a must shop wax store. Lets talk about SalemSoyCo. Since I live at the beach this one really stood out and made me want to try it! Its called ‘Beach Hair, Don’t Care!’  (A blend of awapuhi sea berry, biolage matrix and coconut coast.) Looking for something fruity? You’ll really want to dive into this blend of bread and sweet strawberries called Mariah Berry Bread? The owners name is Kiersten Anderson. Lets talk about Kiersten shall we? She has a story. Her family lived in an apartment. They moved out of the apartment because they didn’t allow candles. After she moved she was over the moon to be able to order candles again. Naturally Kiersten placed an order for some from one of the popular candle stores and they arrived smashed, She decided to melt them down and use them in her warmers! Believe it or not, that started it all! She spent the next two years researching how to make melts and candles on her own. She loved that she was able to mix scents to get a few fragrances that she hadn’t smelled before. She took the time to figure out how to work with it to make them unique and colorful and they are certainly detailed and beauties! When she first started she only offered small cubes in jars. In the beginning she was teaching PE at the time and would use the profits from selling wax to get new equipment for the kids, school supplies, and even coats. A friend convinced her to make a shop and a Facebook group, and it grew very fast! We can all attest to that because she has sold a ton of wax on Etsy. When she found out she was pregnant, she decided to do this full time! It was the best of both worlds she said- she got to create while being able to stay home with their new baby! Things that are coming: Candles will soon be added to her shop! It’s been a frustrating and challenging adventure, but they’re almost ready to launch them!  She will also be leaving Etsy and going to her own SalemSoyCo website soon! I promise to keep everyone up to date! Here are a few of Kiersten’s customer favorites: Strawberry Pound cake, Beach Hair, Don’t Care…Salty AF ( zesty lime and salty sea air) and Bougie Bonfire Smores (toasted strawberry marshmallow and Brûlée sugar cookie)

If you haven’t head of this small business owner that I am about to share with you, she sells wax yet you need to get to know her! Rachel Wales is the owner and from what I gather from feedback from my clients, she is absolutely amazing! Southbound Wax offers a blend of hand crafted home fragrances. She has been in business since 2013. Her personality is as sweet and her melts are fabulous. They have a variety of melts already for you to buy them and take them home. So many scents nevertheless a few favorites, available in clamshell and all perfect for summer are; Beach Hair, Bohemia Raspberry, Bum Bum and Cabana Boy, Coconut Mango Tango,  and how about Let’s Get Baked, just to name a few. They take pre-orders for wax cakes, 8 oz bags and loaves! Follow Southbound Wax on Facebook for updates and to read customer favorites, a wide variety of reviews and for the all up to date information of when she takes preorders and pours! If you’ve never tried Southbound Wax, once you do you will be addicted for sure. My clients all love it and when it arrives to my office I do truly indulge in the aromas while packing it to ship off overseas. What are you waiting for, this store should most definitely be on your list of favorites!

Salt Mountain Melts This amazing wax melt company that I have heard about from my dear friend Nancy Simmang offers up some amazing fragrances in melts. Amanda Dixon started her business in 2018 because of her great love for home fragrances. She only does pre-orders and they happen about every 8-9 weeks so keep an eye out for these special dates! The best way to get information on this store and ordering is on Salt Mountain Private Facebook Group  page. You’ll need to request to join if you are not already a member. They made a couple of wax products a few years  ago (2020) called ‘Daisy Dukes and Flip Flops’ and it sounded so amazing…I really wish that it would be on their list to bring back this summer. Here are some to watch for and try…Bomb Pop – cherry slushie + blue raspberry slushie + fizzy pop (sounds delish!) or try this…Berry Go Round – saltwater taffy + strawberry raspberry guava. Delightful as it sounds this is a gem…Under The Boardwalk – caramel apple + caramel popcorn + vanilla ice cream… another one, Backyard Bash – strawberry + pretzel + cream cheese frosting + whipped cream.

Might I recommend to you a company that you must try, The Bathing Garden? Here they offer lotions, cold processed whipped soaps, scrubs and melts. Their Spring Collections has scrubs, soaps and melts. I think it is fantastic and I love the carrot cake melts. These bad boys smell of moist carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. Personally I LOVE carrot cake. It was my Dads favorite so the aroma of these wax melts really does remind me of him. You can also give the 4 ounce Salted Caramel Popcorn Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub a go! Got to snatch these fast though because they sell out super fast! Lastly, I highly recommend and you won’t regret…checking out the Wonderland Collection.

Vintage Chic Scents is a company that was started in Grain Valley, MO. The owner of this company really sets out to achive making premium hand poured wax in small batches from scratch and her scents really make memories come alive. She has an enormous selection of scents to choose from. In Dolly We Trust is one of her categories and if you like foodies smells like me then this loaf is the perfect choice for you. The weight is nearly 14-14.8 oz so it is a hefty fella. It is a Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha Cookie Blend and it is called 9-5. Don’t need something quite that large? Try the Yellow Dolly’s Banana Pudding Cake topped with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. These melts are approximately 3-3.5 oz total weight. You really can’t go wrong with any of these melts.

Candles by Victoria. I have been raving about this lady since I lived in Houston, Texas years ago. She is a small business owner, a gem and her wax products are creative and unique for sure. The candles must be so well thought out in detail and they are almost too pretty to melt yet they are the bomb-diggity! Her presentation is like nothing that I have ever seen before, ever. The candles  are gorgeous, perhaps I am just bias but they are. They offer a variety of melts that you really have to view and try to understand the depth of the fragrances in each and every one of these. Although her wax comes in a variety of scents she puts out a wicked fabulous array of fall aromas that you need to try! As for myself, I love anything that smells like autumn or pumpkins! These are specialty candles like nothing I have EVER seen before.

 Westbury Candle Company makes us practically neighbors as they are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They, like myself are a small family owned business who also share the love of wax. Try their Buy 2 Get 1 Free melts! If you like foods scents as much as I do why not try their banana nut bread? They have a variety of wax melts but since we’re at the beach why not try one that offers the scent of clothes dried on a line in the beach breeze? This is infused with natural essential oils, including orange, parsley leaf, and patchouli. Its called ‘Beach Please.’ Do take a peek at these wax lovers at Westbury.

Next stop, last but certainly not at all the least as this company really does have rave reviews… Silky Soaps and Scents! Not sure what scents are available? Here is Michelle’s list of scents and there are many so do take the time to take a lookie! She also sells half pound and one pound bakery bags of melts. If you have any questions she has a ‘Let’s Chat’ on her website. Lets talk about their dazzlers first… Magical Unicorn Pop is about to be my favorite. It is fruity and although I don’t love fruity scents all the time, this one is awesome. It offers tangy citrus notes of satsuma and blood orange with a dash of goji berry bottom notes blended with sugary crystals and how about a tiny hint of creamy vanilla? Their shape is designed like that of a popsicle. Thats probably what caught my eye and attracted me to this one so quickly as I am a kid at heart and I love popsicles. Don’t fancy that?  Then try the perfect sampler Strawberry Pound Cake Sampler.

With all of these being shared, a reminder,…Please if you have not tried WoofWix yet what are you waiting for? I mentioned in my last blog about these incredible people that I just adore. Amber and Steven Wolf who make luscious candles and wax melts from their cozy little office located in Kimball, Michigan are killing it in the wax world! WoofWix is amazing! They sell too many to list so follow this link for the list of blends. I love their coffee melts. Like Salt Water Taffy? Me too! Vicks Dupe for those that suffer cold symptoms and maybe even allergies? Coconut Creamery? Gosh if this doesn’t remind me of my Dad I don’t know what does. His favorite was coconut cream pie. Add waffle come and sugar cookies to the mix and BAM! I wrote about WoofWix in my last blog and ya’ll really need to shop their store! We collaborated and are working together helping those abroad to buy some really mouthwatering scents via their international shipping program with Savin Exporting. They offer free shipping over $35.

So folks, if you are out of the country and want to try any of these amazing, must have products, sign up for a free account with Shelly and start shopping all of your favorite melt fragrances from these impeccable vendors. Buy these at any of the amazing websites or links given above. We’ll set you up with a USA address and a free account  to shop anywhere. Let us forward your personalized orders straight to you! I certainly hope that you gained knowledge of some fabulous ‘must try’ USA small business wax vendors in the read.

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